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Our Clinic – Laval

Our mission 

The Clinique d’ergothérapie en réadaptation de la main is a private clinic located in Laval, founded in 1997 by two occupational therapists, Lucie Champoux and Sylvie Charron. After working for many years in a hospital setting and contributing to the development of several plastic-orthopedic occupational therapy services, they opened one of Quebec's first private occupational therapy clinics. Since the treatment of the upper limb is their passion, they dedicated themselves to it and established unique expertise to provide high-quality services to their clients.

The clinic still serves clients of all ages who have experienced traumatic or pathological injuries to the hand and upper limb (wrist, elbow, shoulder, etc.). Being one of the few resources in the region exclusively dedicated to hand and upper limb treatment, our clientele comes from a wide area, including Laval, the Lanaudière and Laurentides regions, as well as Montreal and its surroundings.

In 2021, Lucie and Sylvie retired, taking care to pass on their extensive expertise acquired over the years and their commitment to providing the best possible service to their successors.

One of the few Occupational Therapy Clinic in the metropolitan region exclusively offering services for hand and upper limb issues

Rehabilitation Laval

Intervention Philosophy

The hand is the ultimate symbol of human activity: through it, a person performs daily tasks, engages in work, and expresses emotions... The hand is also a complex organ, with both robust and sophisticated anatomy, delicate physiology. Any disturbance disrupts its functioning and quickly causes disruptions in a person's daily habits. Imagine trying to pick up a paperclip without the use of your thumb!...

At the Clinique d’ergothérapie en réadaptation de la main, we advocate for rapid, high-quality intervention to minimize sequelae and reduce the recovery time as much as possible. As such, we offer cutting-edge treatments and care following a precise and thorough assessment of the issue. Additionally, we emphasize client education and involvement in their rehabilitation process. We pay particular attention to each person's needs to achieve their maximum goals.

Hand therapy Laval